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At SEE Reward, we believe a company’s greatest asset is its people, and everything we do is designed to increase your people’s engagement.

Let us help you create a motivated workforce to drive your business forward.

Support your employees


By taking a “Total Wellbeing Approach”, we can help you support your people in any way that they need. Through education, help, and a number of unique products we can create a total Wellbeing strategy that all of your people will truly value.

Empower your employees


We believe you should always allow your people choice. Offering a range of Voluntary Benefits will motivate your people to work towards what they want to achieve. At the same time this will improve their productivity and service level, benefiting both them and the business.

Engage your employees


People want to be valued for the work that they do. Through the use of various types of recognition, we can help you treat your people in the way they aspire to be treated, thus achieving higher levels of engagement, motivation and retention.

SEE Reward Shop Benefits Platform

SEE Reward Shop

SEE Reward Shop is a Benefits Platform like no other. Giving your people access to the Shop will give them access to the sort of discounted goods and services that are usually reserved just for much larger Companies.

SEE Reward Drive Car Plan

SEE Reward Drive

SEE Reward Drive is a car plan that’s guaranteed to drive your people’s engagement up and, if used as part of a longer term strategy (which we can help you create), it can save your Company money.

SEE Reward Benefits Brokerage

Benefits Brokerage

We can undertake the brokering of any existing benefits you offer, or research, source and select any new benefit you may be considering.

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    SEE Reward Reward & Engagement Outsourcing Consultancy Guarantee

    SEE Reward are the only Reward & Engagement Outsourcing Consultancy that fully guarantee the work we do for you:

    If we cannot show that you have saved at least the full financial cost of our services within the first year of working with you, we will give you the second full year’s services totally free.

    We can’t change the world alone, but together we can make a difference.

    Making Cornwall as great a place to work as it is to live.

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