A Great Place to Work

One Vision, One Voice, One Cornwall

From early 2021 we will be launching our ‘A Great Place to Work’ portal, designed to cover all the Reward & Engagement needs of your Company and your People. 

We believe in giving smaller businesses the same chance to support, empower and engage their people as much as larger businesses. We have a Vision of a Cornwall being as great a place to work as it is to live.

That’s why we have changed the way we offer our services and put them into three levels, to suit your Company’s needs and budgets. Whatever level of Membership you choose, we will always be there to support you and your people in everything you do with the sole aim of making people’s lives better.


Community Platform Membership Basic Level

Basic Level

for companies with max 50 employees

  • Community Platform Membership
  • Access to our unique ‘Practical Reward Training’ modules
  • SEE Reward Drive
  • SEE Reward Shop
  • Remote support (online and phone)
  • Charitable Donation of £250 p.a.
Community Platform Membership Standard Level

Standard Level

includes all of the Basic Level Package

  • Two training sessions the company wants, delivered in the workplace.
  • Access to our ‘Total Wellbeing Hub’
  • Full Benefits Brokerage
  • Charitable Donation of £500 p.a.
Community Platform Membership Enhanced Level

Enhanced Level

includes all of the Basic and Standard Packages

  • Unlimited use of our People Survey Tools
  • Unlimited access to our Job Evaluation service
  • Regular (Market Based) People KPI Reports
  • Full Project Consultancy for any Reward & Engagement project
  • Charitable donation of £1000 p.a.
SEE Reward Reward & Engagement Outsourcing Consultancy Guarantee

SEE Reward are the only Reward & Engagement Outsourcing Consultancy that fully guarantee the work we do for you:

If we cannot show that you have saved at least the full financial cost of our services within the first year of working with you, we will give you the second full year’s services totally free.

We can’t change the world alone, but together we can make a difference.

Making Cornwall as great a place to work as it is to live.

SEE Reward