Our Company

SEE Reward was designed to enable employers to help their people and make their lives better. Not just their working lives, but their whole, everyday lives.

We are a Reward & Engagement Consultancy, and the advice we can give you is the advice you need to realise a vision of highly engaged and happy people working to the best of their abilities to drive their businesses forward to success.

Meet the Team

Nik Butcher


Nik has worked within the Reward & Engagement field for more than 20 years, after an early career as a Royal Marine Musician. Having cut his Reward teeth at Tesco, Nik moved into the “interim” market, quickly building up a portfolio of successful contracts and the ability to design creative and cost effective solutions using Reward in the best way possible to increase engagement and retention and making employees’ lives better.

Nik co-founded SEE Reward to be a more creative, innovative and cost-effective alternative to the more traditional consultancies, and he continues to use his experience and industry knowledge to help Companies get the best from their people by Supporting, Empowering and Engaging them through Reward.

Clare Halfpenny


Co-founder Clare is your "go to" person for anything you want to know about how the SEE Reward can help your business with its CSR, and how that can be used effectively to better engage and motivate your people. With a long background in education and language, Clare has a natural gift for communicating simply and effectively, managing to explain sometimes complex situations in a way that both educates and engages.

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