SEE Reward Drive

Driving Engagement

SEE Reward Drive is a car plan that’s guaranteed to drive your people’s engagement up and, if used as part of a longer term strategy (which we can help you create), it can save your Company money. There’s no cost whatsoever to your Company to access, and there is absolutely no Financial Risk to you either: It truly is a win-win benefit that will engage, motivate and reward your people.

Through SEE Reward Drive, your people can lease a brand new, ultra-low emission, or electric, vehicle at a fraction of the normal cost. All vehicles are supplied fully insured and maintained, with no deposit and no credit checks, with no financial risk to you as their employer.

If you currently run a Company Car Plan for any of your people, Drive can be used to provide the same, or a better solution at a much lower cost and increase your CSR and Environmental footprint at the same time.

SEE Reward